Harxon HX-DU1603D Rover Radio



Harxon has introduced the HX-DU1603D, an advanced, high-speed, Bluetooth enabled, wireless data link that is designed for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning.


  • 410 – 470 MHz
  • 12.5 or 25 kHz Channels
  • Internal Battery
  • Bluetooth Transceiver


  • Harxon HX-DU1603D Rover Radio
  • External Antenna
  • Serial cable
  • Charging Cable


The Harxon HX-DU1603D Rover Radio is the lightweight, bluetooth enabled wireless data link designed for GNSS RTK surveyors. This is designed for UHF frequencies between 410 – 470 MHz. The Harxon HX-DU1603D Rover Radio has a built-in bluetooth transceiver, allowing cable free communication. There is also an internal battery, so that while you are roving you do not need to worry about lugging around a heavy and cumbersome battery.


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