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CHCNAV NX510 PRO Auto-Steer System


The NX510 is the ultimate Auto-Steer system. Designed to be easy to integrate into new and old equipment, with ISOBUS compatabilty with all of the most popular brands, this is the easiest to install Auto-Steer system on the market. Get up and running in 40 minutes.


  • 2.5 cm Pass-to-Pass Accuracy
  • Hands-Free Steering
  • 10.1″ Rugged Software
  • Easy to Use AgNav Software


  • CES Electrcal Steering Wheel
  • PA-3 Controller
  • CB-A10 Tablet Display
  • GA-Sensor Angle Sensor
  • Rear Camera
  • Universal Holder
  • T-Type Holder
  • T-Frame Fixing Splint
  • Camera Cable
  • Main Cable, Motor Steering Cable


The CHCNAV NX510 PRO fully integrates steering control for your farming equipment. Designed to be installed in less than 40 minutes, CHCNAV’s NX510 is easy to quickly install on any peice of farm equipment. With multiple CAN ports, a serial port, bluetooth, and 4G capable, this auto steer system can meet any of your needs. As the NX510 ISOBUS is compatible with all major brands, you don’t need to worry about being trapped into one brands ecosystem. This system works with your equipment.


Intuitive AgNav software is run on a 10.1″ ruggedized tablet and allows you to run multiple guideline patterns; including an AB line, A+ line, circle line, irregular curve and headland turn as well as handling common farming operations. With AgNav quickly make adjustments in the field, all while keeping complete control of your equipment with the AutoSteer.

Modern Receiver

With the NX510 Auto-Steer you get 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, even in challenging environments. The PRO controller recevies corrections from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS. Fully capable of receiving all common RTK correction formats, you can always get the NX510 where it needs to go. Worrying about roll and yaw is a thing of the past, as there are internal sensors all designed to correct for any equipment tilt you may experience.

Easy Integration

The NX510 auto-steer system is easy to integrate into many different new and old farm tractors and other vehicles. The whole system is compact and easy to install, and is an all-in-one system. The NX510 allows you to drastically increase your productivity, reduce fatigue, and allow you to work in difficult conditions. Take your Auto-Steering to the next level, the NX510 is the ultimate hands free driving system with centimeter level accuracy, whether you are ditching, planting or harvesting.

Whatever the application, the NX510 auto-steer system is the answer.


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