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CHCNAV LT700 Rugged Android Tablet


The LT700 from CHCNAV is the Android tablet that you have been looking for. This is the perfect tablet for your GIS applications. With an IP67 environmental rating the LT700 is the tablet you don’t have to be afraid to bring into the field. This is the tablet that was designed to brought into the toughest job sites and come out in one piece. When this is paired with the 8-inch sunlight viewable screen, this is the data collector that works in the conditions you probably don’ want to work in.


  • Rugged Mobility
  • Latest Android OS
  • Durability
  • High Performances
  • Brilliant Display
  • GNSS and Connectivity


  • CHC Navigation LT700 Rugged Tablet
  • USB Download Cable
  • Charger


The CHCNAV’s LT700 is the android tablet that is built to withstand anything. Unlike other consumer tablets on the market, with an IP67 rating, you don’t have to be afraid of taking this tablet to the job site. This is the tablet that will increase productivity and efficiency without sacrificing usability. This is why the LT700 is the ideal tablet for GIS and other surveying applications. Featuring an 8-inch sunlight-viewable screen, the LT700 perfectly displays any GIS data tables, complex vector and raster maps or high-resolution pictures with ease.


With on-board Android OS you can easily install your own and any 3rd party data collection software packages. There is no need to worry about a hassle with poorly optimized programs like Windows Mobile Device Centre, or the dreaded Windows Mobile OS. The LT700 rugged tablet is the advanced solution to the most demanding applications such as forestry, utilities and asset management or environmental surveys.


Rugged Mobility: Thin and lightweight, the handy and versatile LT700 rugged tablet is the perfect companion for mobile field workers.


Latest Android OS: Driven by Android 8.1, the LT700 runs seamlessly the most common professional GIS software applications.


Durability: Rugged design, soft corner bumpers and long battery life provide the LT700 with the capability to perform uninterrupted for a complete working day.


High Performances: The octa-core 2.2 GHz CPU supports running large maps and datasets without any lag or slowdown making your work even more productive.


Brilliant Display: Vivid and sharp 8-inch, 450 cd/m2 sunlight readable touchscreen display for enhanced maps and data visualization.


GNSS and Connectivity: The integrated GNSS module (GPS/GLONASS/BDS/SBAS) provides robust positioning performances. The LT700 dual-SIM 4G modem ensures fast and reliable connection with mobile teams.


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