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Carlson Civil Suite (Civil, Survey, Hydrology, GIS)



Carlson Software’s Civil Suite contains Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS. These four software packages allow you to create all your civil-related deliverables with ease. Carlson Civil 2018 Suite is a powerful bundle make up of: Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS. It runs in AutoCAD versions 2018 to 2000 as well as AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop and Civil3D. Carlson Civil Suite allows you to get 3D intersection design, multi-baseline road networks, lot layout, storm and utility analysis and design, plus much more. It is equipped with flexible data storage methods, and can fix common drafting errors. It contains handy tools for working in AutoCAD such as join nearest, shrinkwrap entities, polyline utilities, drawing inspector, layer inspector and twist screen. It supports industry standard LandXML and scores of specific data conversions.


  • Runs in AutoCAD versions 2018 to 2000 as well as AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop and Civil3D
  • Flexible data storage methods
  • Fix common drafting errors
  • Handy tools for working in AutoCAD such as Join Nearest, Shrinkwrap Entities, Polyline Utilities, Drawing Inspector, Layer Inspector and Twist Screen
  • Supports industry standard LandXML and scores of specific data conversions


  • Carlson Civil
  • Carlson Hydrology
  • Carlson GIS
  • Carlson Survey


The Carlson Civil Suite is the software package that has all of the answers you need for your civil project needs. This is the total package. From your office you can do all of your GIS, Hydrology, Civil and Survey applications from within the same family of software. There is no need to worry about converting between file types to ensure that files can be opened in the various programs you are running, they all just work.

In Carlson GIS

  • GIS Database Settings
  • Input-Edit GIS Data
  • GIS Inspector
  • GIS Inspector Settings
  • GIS Query/Report
  • Hatch GIS Polylines
  • Mark GIS Polylines
  • Label GIS Polyline: Closed Polyline Image

In Carlson Hydrology

  • Tap extensive libraries on rainfall, inlets, manholes, outlets
  • Calculate inlet intercepted and bypass flows, gutter spread and depth, pipe flow depth and velocity, and hydraulic and energy grade lines
  • Get warnings for collisions, excessive pipe lengths, insufficient cover, lack of slope, excessive flow rates, and more
  • Track runoff and analyze watershed – choose entire area or the watershed above a point such as a catch basin
  • Design ponds, culverts, channels and outlets
  • Draft sewer pipe dynamically in plans, profiles and 3D
  • AutoCAD 2010 and Later Support

In Carlson Civil

  • Road NETwork – Design Streets, Highways, Roadway Intersections, Cul-de-Sacs, Traffic Circles and More
  • Lot NETwork – Design Tracts of Land Including Residential Subdivisions, Office Parks and Commercial Property Development Projects
  • Site NETwork – Migrate Data to GPS Machine Control from Automated Tasks such as Subgrade Design, Takeoffs, Cost-Estimating, and Surface Model Generation
  • Design Pad Template – For Complex Grading Scenarios Involving Foundation Pads, Drainage Basins, Parking Lots and More
  • Data Compatibility – Supports Industry Standards such as LandXML
  • Draw Standard Items – Create Pre-Defined Properties for Common Functions
  • Settings Explorer – Single Interface Program Managements
  • Settings Libraries – Easy Setup Tables for Common Symbols
  • Includes support for AutoCAD 2010 and Later

In Carlson Survey

  • Fully adjustable for cleaner designs with no overlapping labels
  • Document Management: Carlson Data Depot – for sharing files and archiving or making back-ups
  • Get everyone working on the same page with this ability to establish company-wide settings and styles
  • Easy-to-use table of custom items you can draw complete with standardized properties
  • Ability to add or remove points from processing and then recalculate
  • The menus for each survey solution run side by side

This is the package you can rely on for the rest of your career, whether you need it for the next five or fifteen.

If you have questions on the type of package you need, contact our sales team today.


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