(2.2) Used Sokkia GRX2 (Topcon Hiper V) GNSS

$ 7,700.00 CAD



One of the most advanced receivers upon its release the GRX2 is as good now as it was then. This is the receiver that you can save a few dollars with, without having to save on the technology. Capable of tracking GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo this receiver can get the shots no matter where you take the shot.


  • GNSS GPS + GLONASS + Gallileo
  • Internal UHF Radio
  • Network Capable


  • 1x GRX2 GNSS Survey Receiver Rover
  • 1x Battery
  • Charger
  • UHF Antennas


Unit History

This specific GRX2 unit was used first as a network rover for many years with a construction contractor. The unit was then used as a base station for many years for machine control using the UHF radio. This specific unit is in 8/10 condition. There is fading to the top plastic, and minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches on the top but is in otherwise excellent condition. Everything still works like it was new.



Sokkia is known for their high quality surveying equipment, and innovative technologies in the space. They produce a wide range of products, including; total stations, theodolites, GPS systems, and software for data management and analysis. Their equipment is used across a variety of different industries including, construction, engineering, land surveying, mining and now. Since their founding in 1920, Sokkia has pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

The Sokkia GRx2

The GRX1 receiver is a fully integrated dual constellation receiver, antenna, radio and optional cellular modem. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth module, now enhanced for better performance, is designed into a rugged magnesium alloy body.

The GRX2 can be re-configured with scalable upgrades. This provides the benefit of starting with a lower cost configuration and adding options as needed. The GRX2 can be purchased as a single frequency GPS only receiver at a low cost and later upgraded to dual frequency, add a radio or cellular modem, and additional signal capability for GLONASS and Galileo.

GPS: L1C/A, L1/L2 P-Code

GLONASS: L1/L2 CA, L1/L2 P-Code


Maximum Versatility

Utilizing full wireless connectivity and the Sokkia-invented voice navigation system, the GRx2 facilitates the use of both RTK and network RTK technologies.

  • Built-in GSM/HSPA modem makes the GRX2 an ideal rover receiver for network RTK positioning.
  • The GRX2 can be used for both private RTK base and RTK rover using an internal digital UHF modem without any extra device.
  • The GRX2 is MAGNET Relay Ready – Cellular to Cellular base/rover RTK.
  • Voice messages notify the users when RTK is fixed or lost, or other problems occur. This feature dramatically increases work efficiency by eliminating a need for repeated checks with the controller display.


Used Equipment

All of our used equipment is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our used equipment standards. Before the instrument is sold, we test to ensure that the instrument specifications are as expected, and any broken parts are replaced or refurbished. Our standard testing regiment includes a range test to ensure the radios of any GNSS receiver are still operating within specifications. Our test course is a 3 km in city range test with no line of sight. This ensures the test is as close to what you experience in the field as possible. For total stations, we ensure that the unit is within expected calibration by shooting multiple points, with both sides of the total station. If work is required, we have an optical expert take a look and adjsut the unit. 

Next we ensure that the instrument has the latest firmware and drivers available. This is to ensure that the unit is working as well as possible when you receive it. In order to repair used equipment, we keep a range of parts for all Hemisphere recievers, and many of the other leading brands. This allows us to repair and refurbish instruments that are otherwise not supported by the manufacturer. Finally, the units are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they look as new as possible.


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